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DRAMAtical Murder Re:connect Songs + SPYAIR

I realised I didn't mention about the songs in the previous post about the game D:
So here I am, after some kind soul extracted the game so I finally have the full songs to listen to before the soundtrack is even released! Hoho~
So they made new songs for all the continuation of the good ends and also for Virus and Trip's end. 
Although I liked Goatbed's songs in DRAMAtical Murder, the songs they produced for DMMdr is just... It's like mostly music.
They used the same artist who sang for DMMd's bad ends for DMMdr's good ends. Virus and Trip's are by Goatbed. I seriously forgot which song is whose lol.

So for DMMd, Itou Kanako sang for Koujaku and Clear's bad end. So this time, she sang for their good ends!
I love the song for Koujaku's good end, At Last. It's so soothing, it's just how Aoba and Koujaku's relationship is like, how Koujaku treats Aoba. My favourite song in DMMdr.
Because I don't think anybody here is interested in listening to the songs, I'm not gonna post them here... :(
For Clear's good end, it's all in english like how it is for DMMd's bad end. The song is Crystalline. Not sure how the songs feels, but it seems a bit sad and happy at the same time. Maybe it's the fact that Clear is not human. Well, I really don't feel much for this pairing although lots of people seem to like Clear.
Ok, next I shall talk about Noiz' song. The song is called your reply and is sung by 木村世治 whose name I don't know how to read lol. Kimura something haha! Anyway, he sung for Noiz' bad end in DMMd. I don't really like his singing... It's not his voice I think, it's like he sings weird. It's really like this for 'feel your noise' in DMMd. Then for 'your reply' he sings weirdly too. I guess it's the way he sings, but it's not really nice I guess. I think 'your reply' sounds a bit nicer than 'feel your noise'. I don't feel anything from this song to the pairing though.
Then Mink's good end song is Milky Way, sung by VERTUEUX. OMG, I really love VERTUEUX's vocal! VERTUEUX is a group? of 2 people. Ken1, the vocalist and HIDEKI, the guitarist. Ken1 was actually from Valentine D.C. and HIDEKI was from Curriculu Machine. Curriculu Machine produced songs for Togainu no Chi before, I'm not familiar with Valentine D.C. though. Ken1's voice is really damn nice! It's so deeeeeeeeep. Milky Way sounds sad but strong, just like Mink with a sad past and strong mind and body. This song really fits Mink and Aoba very well. Sandy Weeds, which is the bad end song for Mink in DMMd is really nice as well. Ken1's voice is really nice.
They're going to release a new album in July. I hope I will remember to listen then.
The last will be Goatbed's songs. They have 5 songs in DMMdr, including the image song for DMMdr.
Ok, I'll start with the image song. It's called DREAMON DREAMER, already released on 13 March 2013. It just sounds weird and electronic and not understandable like all the other Goatbed songs, but it's still not bad, at least I hear people singing sometimes.
Then next is COSMOCALL FIELD, opening song for DMMdr. This is the song I like best of all Goatbed songs for DMMdr. I can't describe how it sounds like. For Goatbed songs, you really can only listen and figure out yourself if you like them. Lol. Their lyrics mostly don't make sense so it all depends on the music itself. I think COSMOCALL FIELD has the AI CATCH (Opening song for DMMd) feel I guess. Many people like AI CATCH. COSMOCALL FIELD has a little different feel from AI CATCH but it's still nice.
Ok, next is Virus and Trip's end songs.
So I searched and now I know, Virus' song is HOLO GHOST and Trip's song is THIS IMMORTAL.
They are both by Goatbed so they both sound weird. Both songs don't have much lyrics, mostly music. I think HOLO GHOST actually has lots of lyrics! After listening to it again, haha. They both give off an eerie feeling, like how Virus and Trip are since they are fucking perverts and bad ends. I like HOLO GHOST a little better than THIS IMMORTAL. It just sounds nicer LOL. They make this 'Ah, ah ,ah', like after you drink coke, but not so long, sound in the song, I think to make the song sound freaky, but I actually like that. THIS IMMORTAL is really mostly music and the guy saying the same things over and over again D: Boring. 
Ok, lastly, they produced the song for the good ends left for the game. Ren, family end blah. The song is called Deeds, not words. Seriously when I was done with Ren's end, and watching the credits and listening to the song, I had high expectations!!! And this is the shit they give me! Ok, not shit, I shall not be so bad. I mean Koujaku's and Mink's are really nice! Then Ren's should be even better right? But I was really disappointed when the song and credits ended and I didn't hear anything that actually make me think that this song should be produced for Ren's ending. The song is full of mumbles and whispers that I don't like! and don't understand and all music! The music itself isn't even that nice.
I really like the new bgm (background music) that they, not Goatbed, created for DMMdr, called dmedgeneral in the extracted files but I guess it's dramatical murder general ending? And I think it sounds even nicer than the Deeds, not words.
For DMMd, they did sing a song for Ren's ending, PARA MIDIA and I thought it's not bad although I like Only finally there is the free end, more. But I didn't think PARA MIDIA wasn't suitable for Ren's ending.
But this time, I really don't like the song... -_-
Anyway, now I have new songs to listen to!

Since I'm talking about songs, why not link to SPYAIR, haha.
SPYAIR is going to release another single for Gintama, but this time, it's a MOVIE!!!
I like witnessing the SPYAIR's growth.
It's called Genjou Destruction and it's NICE!

It's been sometime since SPYAIR's last very energetic song.
ROCK THIS WAY isn't really counted since it's a collaboration with SEAMO.
I miss SPYAIR's very rock songs and now it's back!

From that video, I actually found a acoustic live of Niji by IKE and...UZ. LOL.

It's really sad to like a band that isn't really popular. But if they are, I probably wouldn't like them.
Yes, I'm weird.
If only I'm living in Japan, then I can watch their Live T^T

Ok, gotta bathe before my mum kills me with stares.

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